Maja Zelihic

About Me

Dr. Maja Zelihic is a Fulbright Specialist and a Dept. Chair, Advanced Management Studies Division at the Forbes School of Business, in San Diego, California.  She also serves as NAFSA's Global Partner. She has a Ph D. in General Business with an emphasis in Organizational Management. In addition to being a Program Chair in the MAOM program, Dr. Zelihic served as the Chair of the Professional Development and Scholarship committee at Ashford University.

She also served as a Program Chair; Innovation Track at ABSEL (Association for Business Simulation & Experiential Learning). Dr. Zelihic is the recipient of the Western International University Excellence Award for Contributions to Faculty Peer Development, two-time University of Phoenix Faculty Scholarship award, recognized as one of the top 10 Forbes School of Business faculty members in 2013.

In 2016 Dr. Zelihic was honored to be the recipient of both the 2016 Excellence in Scholarship Award (nominated by her peers) and Forbes School of Business President's Award for the Excellence in Scholarship. She is a three-time University Fellows grant recipient. Her research ventures and global lectures/workshops were done in Europe, Asia, Africa, the US, and the Caribbean.

Dr. Zelihic has published more than 20 articles in various refereed journals, such as the Springer’s Quality and Quantity Journal, Life Science Journal, Journal of American Business Review, Journal of Strategic and International Studies, Global Business, and International Management International Journal.